Meet your book binders

We are a close-knit team working together at the Ludlow Book Bindery, we use our skills and experience to create quality books for our customers


Heather joined the Ludlow Bookbinders team 4 years ago. She previously studied history of English language at Glasgow University. This included a module on manuscript study which drew her into the world of book binding. Heather is our go to girl for making leather bible cases.


Sam has always been interested in traditional craft and bookbinding. She started at Ludlow Bookbinders in November 2018, having previously worked at an Oxfam bookshop. Sam noted the longevity of well bound books and wanted to learn more about the craft. Her favourite part of the book binding process is selecting marbled endpapers, never an easy job when there are so many unique and beautiful patterns to choose from.


Bindery Manager and Company Secretary. Phil has 30 years of binding experience, 7 of these with Brian Settle. Calm and collected nothing much phases Phil. He is an expert book binder, and the keeper of the company mascot - a whippet called Biff.


Richard is an expert bookbinder who loves binding one off first editions. He runs Lyra's Books creating beautiful handmade books from the finest quality materials.


At Ludlow Bookbinders, Debs copes with the multifaceted handwork requirements of a craft bindery with on-going good humour. Debs speciality is paper, the decorative endpapers are all inserted by hand. An essential aspect of the bookbinding process.


Having joined us in 2020 she has hit the ground running. Aoife has an excellent eye for detail and has worked on a wide range of projects using a diverse set bookbinding skills.


Pip is our go to guy for photo albums, as well as working on the creation of beautiful slipcases, the books that leave Pip's bench will never disappoint!


Rhi's experience across a range of bookbinding disciplines is essential, she is highly skilled and plays a key role in many of the projects that pass through the bookbindery.


Liz has experience and a wealth of knowledge about the bookbinding industry, she is a key member of the bookbinding team.


Josh is the newest member of the team, he joined Ludlow Bookbinders in 2021 and he was immediately put to work, creating books of the highest standard.


Daisy has perfected the art of leather binding bibles, her consistency and attention to detail on every book is second to none, as is the case with all her work for the Ludlow Bookbinders.


A dab hand at leather binding many Ludlow Rare Books that have been made at the bindery have crossed Blake's bench. The end results are always flawless.